As far as possible, we try to stick to the model of other covers in the production of membrane cabinet doors with glass. For example, the top of an oval glass is oval.

The drawers are usually located in the kitchen one under the other in a module. In order to show the integrity of the covers with the door, the model of the covers is processed as if it is an integral part of the number of drawers in that module and cut off before printing. In this way, when the drawers close, there is a pattern on them that looks like a cover.

The backside of the membrane covers is covered with melamine and it is white.

Standart thickness is 18 mm.

Though standart membrane cover sthicknesses of are 18 mm, membrane-coated plates are needed at various thicknesses. For this we have 8 mm 12 mm 22 mm and 30 mm applications.

Yes, we do. We produce all necessary accessories and auxiliary materials in kitchens and furnitures such as crown, base, light band, corner closure, table top as well as covers.

You can order it as it contains maximum and minimum measurements.

 You only need to submit a request form to our center@goktasmobilya.com.tr address on our website.

Mdf is an abbreviation of the initials of the words "medium density fiberboard" in English.It has widely become one of the most popular composite materials in recent years. Because MDF is smooth and free of knots and grain patterns, and consistently very dense, it makes an exceptional alternative for solid wood in many uses. The main raw materials are hardwood and softwood blending of resins and adhesive chemicals. Plates are produced in production plants in different thicknesses and sizes.

Membrane cover is formed by PVC (also called rigid thermofoil) laminated on preformed MDF with the aid of temperature and pressure (with membrane press machine).

RTF  means pvc-based laminate that can form with temperature and pressure. It can be produced in plain colors and wood-patterned colours. The RTFs can be produced in plain, wood-patterned and fantasy colours and at the same time as matte and brilliant.

Some colours are available in both matte and gloss, but there is no opaque and glossy option in many colors.

Due to its aesthetic appearance and long life, nowadays membrane covers are used everywhere where furniture covers are located. Kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, coat closet, wardrobe, dining rooms, TV units, baby rooms, office furniture, membrane covers are the main areas of use.

No, we don’t. We give you the cabinet doors without holes on hinges but we can drill hinge holes for a nominal fee.

We do not open the handle holes, as the handles can be in very different positions in particular. At this point, it is best to attach the lids to the most suitable position, either horizontally or vertically, according to the selected handle model, after being attached to the cupboards.

The handle hinges are not included in the order. However, we have a wide selection of models in the handles.

As a hinge, we have our product range such as standard clip-on hinge, brake hinge.